Currency Hands On Activity

If you're teaching your kids about finances and not talking about inflation, debasement, and fiat currencies, you're really missing out on a golden opportunity. See what I did there? For a hands-on exploration, get two quarters: one dated before 1965 and one after. The older coin is 90% silver and the newer coin is made … Continue reading Currency Hands On Activity

Can You Afford to Home School?

For many families, home schooling means going from a two-income household to having one parent work while the other stays home.  This is a major lifestyle change, but it doesn’t have to be fraught with doubt and uncertainty.  A little planning can help you see how this shift will impact your finances and help you … Continue reading Can You Afford to Home School?

Econ for Everybody

Among the most sorely neglected subjects in public education, economics is a fascinating and practical discipline. Our understanding of econ has enormous ramifications for how we view the world, how we vote, and of course, how we manage our own finances. I hope that you are already actively incorporating economics into your children's education, but … Continue reading Econ for Everybody

Going Green

When we consider the financial impact of home schooling, a lot of factors come into play.  Obviously, losing my income is the most critical, but we're also looking at savings -- tuition, daycare, the gas from my substantial commute.  The actual cost of home schooling varies widely depending on the choices you make about curriculum, … Continue reading Going Green