Summer Goals

Finally, finally, finally, summer is here! You cannot know unless you have ever taught middle school the blessed relief that Memorial Day weekend can bring. This new season brings a major shift in our day to day routine.  No more school means no work for Mommy, no 5:00 wake-up call, no rush-hour commute, no daycare... … Continue reading Summer Goals


Working Lunch

When you work full-time and are also trying to teach your kids some stuff, you need to make good use of your time at home.  For big brother and me, that often means doing a lot of learning while little brother takes his midday nap.  Here's one example I call a "working lunch," where we … Continue reading Working Lunch

In A Blink

It's happening today: my baby is turning one. While many advantages draw me to home schooling -- flexibility, individual pace, custom curriculum -- none come close to the idea of spending more time with my boys.  Childhood passes in a blink, and maybe this seems selfish, but I want to spend as much of it … Continue reading In A Blink


Reclaim Your Commute

Currently, my boys and I drive forty minutes to and from school each day.  Most of that is highway driving, so accidents and bad weather can add up to an hour. To get the most out of that time, we read books, listen to music, sing songs, and talk about our day.  On the drive … Continue reading Reclaim Your Commute