Currency Hands On Activity

If you're teaching your kids about finances and not talking about inflation, debasement, and fiat currencies, you're really missing out on a golden opportunity. See what I did there? For a hands-on exploration, get two quarters: one dated before 1965 and one after. The older coin is 90% silver and the newer coin is made … Continue reading Currency Hands On Activity

Can You Afford to Home School?

For many families, home schooling means going from a two-income household to having one parent work while the other stays home.  This is a major lifestyle change, but it doesn’t have to be fraught with doubt and uncertainty.  A little planning can help you see how this shift will impact your finances and help you … Continue reading Can You Afford to Home School?

Econ for Everybody

Among the most sorely neglected subjects in public education, economics is a fascinating and practical discipline. Our understanding of econ has enormous ramifications for how we view the world, how we vote, and of course, how we manage our own finances. I hope that you are already actively incorporating economics into your children's education, but … Continue reading Econ for Everybody

Keep It Real

When teaching your littles about money, you can buy plastic coins and paper dollars, but why waste your real money buying fake money?  Any time you can use real-world objects for manipulatives, go for it! Today Daddy and our three-year-old are working with real money to learn about how the values of different bills compare … Continue reading Keep It Real