Hands-On History: Timelines

Teaching world history in a single year provides me with some exceptional challenges.  We cover so much content in such a short time that I really have to remain on track and make tough decisions about what we can and can't cover.  If you are teaching your own kids, I strongly recommend a four-year cycle for … Continue reading Hands-On History: Timelines

Teaching Econ

Here's a great new resource for teaching your kids economics. The Tuttle Twins and the Miraculous Pencil follows Ethan and Emily Tuttle on a class field trip to a pencil factory. They learn about how products we consider simple, everyday objects are actually not simple at all! The story explores economic principles such as the division of … Continue reading Teaching Econ

Currency Hands On Activity

If you're teaching your kids about finances and not talking about inflation, debasement, and fiat currencies, you're really missing out on a golden opportunity. See what I did there? For a hands-on exploration, get two quarters: one dated before 1965 and one after. The older coin is 90% silver and the newer coin is made … Continue reading Currency Hands On Activity