Can You Afford to Home School?

For many families, home schooling means going from a two-income household to having one parent work while the other stays home.  This is a major lifestyle change, but it doesn’t have to be fraught with doubt and uncertainty.  A little planning can help you see how this shift will impact your finances and help you … Continue reading Can You Afford to Home School?

Making Friends in Home School

In our discussions of home schooling, my husband and I come back around to one question over and over: How will they become “socialized”? Of course, the typical home schooling argument is that children learn how to live and work with others in their families, in their churches, and through clubs, co-ops, and other activities.  … Continue reading Making Friends in Home School

The Beginning

I am a mom of two very young boys, as well as a mathematics teacher at a small Catholic elementary school.  While I have always enjoyed teaching other people's children, my true love is working with my own kids and watching them grow.  It is rare for families to home school when both parents work … Continue reading The Beginning