When we consider the financial impact of home schooling, a lot of factors come into play.  Obviously, losing my income is the most critical, but we’re also looking at savings — tuition, daycare, the gas from my substantial commute.  The actual cost of home schooling varies widely depending on the choices you make about curriculum, special courses, tutors, and of course, materials.

To radically reduce the amount of paper we go through, I use dry erase sleeves whenever possible.  There are products designed for this — we have a brand called Smart Pal — but you can also use a standard plastic sleeve.  If you’re a home schooling parent, you probably already have a thousand of these for organizing binders and portfolios, so grab one and put it to good use!

Here’s my three-year-old using a dry erase sleeve for writing practice so that we don’t have to throw out a hundred sheets of paper that say “A… A… A…” (or scribble, scribble, scribble, to be more precise).  That’s money in the bank!


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