Total Eclipse Day 

No time for blogging today! We are busy amping up for the 2017 American eclipse! As fate would have it, we will enjoy almost two minutes of totality in our own backyard, so no traveling or navigating through crazy traffic for us! However, I will take a brief moment to say that our young kids, … Continue reading Total Eclipse Day 

Autonomy and Ironman

I have written before about our older son and his naturally cautious approach to everything new.  He does not like strangers or new situations.  While his much bolder baby brother is racing to the biggest slide on the playground, he will hang back, stay on the toddler slide, not try anything too risky. I'm fine … Continue reading Autonomy and Ironman

Make Messes

There's always a lot of discussion amongst educators and parents about scaffolding -- giving kids just exactly the right amount of challenge to allow them to stretch without overwhelming or frustrating them.  It's a pretty difficult balance to strike, and for parents with quickly-growing youngsters, a constantly moving target. However, all your worries about this … Continue reading Make Messes

Everything is Washable

The more independent my preschooler becomes, the more I actively try to step out of his way and let him spread his wings.  He has a naturally cautious temperament and is not one to dive into new situations.  This summer, he has been growing bolder, and I am trying to encourage him as much as … Continue reading Everything is Washable

Travelling with Littles: Fostering Independence

We've recently returned from our first major trip with our kids, and now that we're home, I can safely call it a success.  There is plenty of advice out there on how to entertain your kids on an airplane.  Some of the typical ideas worked for us, like loosening up your normal screen time restrictions … Continue reading Travelling with Littles: Fostering Independence

If You Don’t Have It, Make It: Woodshop Edition

While we are a far cry from homesteaders, we would like to instill in our children some sense of self-reliance.  Rather than run out to the store and buy every little thing, if it's at all possible for us to MacGyver it on our own, we like to at least try. Our latest project was … Continue reading If You Don’t Have It, Make It: Woodshop Edition