Mother’s Education

Charlotte Mason educators often refer to the importance of "mother's education," a phrase that typically encompasses a mother's training in child-rearing, her study of child psychology and educational best practices, and for many moms, her personal spiritual growth through Bible studies and devotionals.  It may also include a mother's mastery of the material she is … Continue reading Mother’s Education

Geometry in the Real World

Whenever I'm working on geometry with my students, I try to keep the focus as real-world as possible.  So much of math operates in the abstract; geometry, by contrast, is thoroughly tangible.  This is a time when we can easily and naturally give ideas to the hand before we give them to the mind.  Take … Continue reading Geometry in the Real World

Geometry Across the Curriculum

I use geometric drawing across the curriculum in several projects.  Below is an in-progress shot of an 8th-grader's design for a stained glass window, an assignment from my medieval history unit that incorporates symbolism along with geometric design. In world history, we use geometric drawing when studying Roman and Islamic mosaics, and students have the … Continue reading Geometry Across the Curriculum