Toddler Fine Motor Practice

A look at what our second son is up to at eighteen months: Fine motor skills are on this guy's mind daily as he works to understand and manipulate the world around here.  Recent conquests have included mastering the zippered case that holds his play tunnel and chopping all the food in his Melissa & … Continue reading Toddler Fine Motor Practice

Preschool at Home: Scissor Practice

You don't need anything fancy to successfully guide your child through preschool development at home.  My son has been really interested in scissor work lately, so we do a very simple activity in which I draw lines and shapes and he practices cutting.  Easy peasy fine motor practice, and I have seen huge improvements in … Continue reading Preschool at Home: Scissor Practice

What We Are Building

Every single day, we are making stuff in this house.  And I don't just mean messes.  Every day, we are using our hands and our brains to put things together.  Here are our favorite projects this week. Puzzles It has been a non-stop puzzle-palooza around here.  Little brother is into our chunky Melissa & Doug … Continue reading What We Are Building

Working Lunch

When you work full-time and are also trying to teach your kids some stuff, you need to make good use of your time at home.  For big brother and me, that often means doing a lot of learning while little brother takes his midday nap.  Here's one example I call a "working lunch," where we … Continue reading Working Lunch

Threading: Fine Motor Skills

I've seen this activity suggested before, but this was our first time trying it.  We used 18 mm plastic beads, regular spaghetti stuck in a little blob of Play-Doh, and an enthusiastic three-year-old.  On top of building those fine motor skills and encouraging pattern building, this simple activity also gave me time for a cup … Continue reading Threading: Fine Motor Skills

Containers: Fine Motor Activities for Littles

Our baby has hit that glorious stage: Putting Things in Things!  He wants to take every object he can get his paws on and put it into any kind of container he can procure.  It may be tempting to start buying your kid lots of official "learning toys" when he hits this stage, but try … Continue reading Containers: Fine Motor Activities for Littles