Olympic National Park: Wildflowers

In the literature I was reading preparing for our trip to Olympic, one description stated that the park had a "dazzling variety of wildflowers."  That was no joke!  Due to the extreme variations in ecosystems throughout the park, countless types of wildflowers flourish.  Below are just a few that we enjoyed. Most images are courtesy … Continue reading Olympic National Park: Wildflowers

Gardening with a Preschooler: How Plants Grow

Our seed project has been taking off!  Our preschooler planted zinnias in a few pots, and he has been faithfully watering them every day and making sure they get plenty of sun.  The sprouts are finally big enough to put in the ground, so we transplanted them this week.  In the process, we got a … Continue reading Gardening with a Preschooler: How Plants Grow