Nature Journal

My aunt -- in addition to being a corporate real estate lawyer -- is a very talented artist.  When I saw her last month at my sister's wedding, she pulled me aside conspiratorially at one point to show me her painting journal, a little watercolor pad she has been adding to on her travels for … Continue reading Nature Journal

Teeny Tiny Photographer on the Trail

As preparation for our trip to Olympic National Park this summer, we took our littles hiking.  For the past few months, we have been letting our older son, who is three, take photos around the house with our camera.  This was the first time we entrusted him with the camera outdoors, so I wanted to … Continue reading Teeny Tiny Photographer on the Trail

No Wind, No Problem

My three-year-old is forever teaching me about determination (or "stubbornness," depending on the particulars).  This week, it was the kite he got in his Easter basket.  Every day, he's been looking out the window and declaring that it's really windy outside.  It is not.  Finally I caved and let him take it out.  Predictably, there … Continue reading No Wind, No Problem

Charlotte Mason: Outdoors Every Day

Since making the decision to home school my children, currently ages one and three, I have been researching various methods of home schooling.  Over the next few weeks, I'd like to share with you some of the benefits I've seen in each of those methods.  If you are considering home schooling, this may help you … Continue reading Charlotte Mason: Outdoors Every Day

Kids in the Garden

Are your kids driving you crazy in the house?  Good.  The weather's finally nice enough to throw them outside. It's 70 degrees here in The Middle, my daffodils are blooming, and my three-year-old is in seventh heaven working in the garden. Even very young kids can do many useful and productive tasks in the garden. … Continue reading Kids in the Garden