Bisect an Angle

Today we'll be bisecting an angle, i.e. cutting an angle in half without using a protractor to measure.  Begin with any angle and draw an arc from the vertex (V) such that your arc crosses both rays of the angle.  Call the points where your arc crosses those rays points A and B. At this … Continue reading Bisect an Angle

Bisect a Segment

Today we'll be doing a very simple construction -- bisecting a segment.  In other words, we will be cutting a line segment in half.  Begin by drawing matching circles from your two endpoints (A and B).  The radius of the circle is not important.  As long as it is more than half the length of … Continue reading Bisect a Segment

Identify Geometric Shapes

Here's a little activity to wrap up our geometry study for the week.  Have your students consider the following drawing and try to identify as many polygons as they can.  If they need a little guidance, here are some possibilities... regular hexagons rectangles parallelograms rhombi other irregular quadrilaterals a multitude of triangles -- equilateral, isosceles, … Continue reading Identify Geometric Shapes

Construct Congruent Angles

Today we'll be looking at another basic construction: congruent angles.  You can use this construction to copy any angle without using a protractor to measure. Begin with the angle you would like to copy. Draw any ray.  This will act as the baseline for your new angle.  The vertex (V) of your original angle will … Continue reading Construct Congruent Angles

Geometric Drawing

This week, the big kids are working on their geometric constructions, mathematical drawings achieved with the use of only a compass and an unmarked straight edge. This is one of my favorite units to teach.  Mathematics in general is an incredibly beautiful discipline that explores patterns and the natural order of the universe.  While those … Continue reading Geometric Drawing

Get Yourself Some Unifix Cubes

... or something similar. These simple blocks are perfect for an endless variety of activities, particularly for math. Kids love the bright colors, and they stack together and come apart easily enough for little fingers.   Left to his own devices, my three-year-old began making groups of three with them the other day (supplemented with … Continue reading Get Yourself Some Unifix Cubes

Keep It Real

When teaching your littles about money, you can buy plastic coins and paper dollars, but why waste your real money buying fake money?  Any time you can use real-world objects for manipulatives, go for it! Today Daddy and our three-year-old are working with real money to learn about how the values of different bills compare … Continue reading Keep It Real

Rise over Run Away!

Need to teach your big kid slope-intercept form but don't really feel like explaining it?  Break out the ol' TI 86 -- or use the amazing free Desmos graphing calculator -- and let her figure it out herself. Given the basic equation, y = mx + b, and a little time to experiment, most kids … Continue reading Rise over Run Away!