Copy Any Polygon

We can employ the two skills we've been working on this week -- constructing congruent segments and constructing congruent angles -- to create a copy of any polygon.   Use a straight edge to draw any polygon.  Here's an irregular hexagon drawn for me by a helpful eighth-grader and his ruler:   To copy your … Continue reading Copy Any Polygon


Construct Congruent Angles

Today we'll be looking at another basic construction: congruent angles.  You can use this construction to copy any angle without using a protractor to measure. Begin with the angle you would like to copy. Draw any ray.  This will act as the baseline for your new angle.  The vertex (V) of your original angle will … Continue reading Construct Congruent Angles

Geometric Drawing

This week, the big kids are working on their geometric constructions, mathematical drawings achieved with the use of only a compass and an unmarked straight edge. This is one of my favorite units to teach.  Mathematics in general is an incredibly beautiful discipline that explores patterns and the natural order of the universe.  While those … Continue reading Geometric Drawing

All Aboard!

Albert Einstein said, "Play is the highest form of research."  This is most true when our children play with toys that allow them to create, experiment, and solve problems. Our three-year-old is enchanted with his wooden train set these days.  He's developing his understanding of some basic engineering as he figures out where to place … Continue reading All Aboard!