The Wild Blue Yonder

We have committed to something that might be a bit crazy.  Come next June, we are taking both of our boys -- ages 1 and 3 -- to Olympic National Park for a week. My husband and I love hiking and exploring in the National Parks, but since having kids, we have not been bold … Continue reading The Wild Blue Yonder

Making Friends in Home School

In our discussions of home schooling, my husband and I come back around to one question over and over: How will they become “socialized”? Of course, the typical home schooling argument is that children learn how to live and work with others in their families, in their churches, and through clubs, co-ops, and other activities.  … Continue reading Making Friends in Home School


Today my grandma, my boys' only living great-grandparent, turns ninety.  From building domino castles and hand-churning ice cream to her official turkey stuffing recipe (which bids the reader to "find a cat" to deal with the liver), this woman is legend. She tromped all around tarnation with us collecting leaves and flowers to press and … Continue reading Legacy