Mother Education: Read All The Things

A brief look into my own continuing education today. Our Archbishop recently sent a letter to all the schools that included some suggested reading from a chapter in Tom Wood's How The Catholic Church Built Western Civilization. As I teach Western Civ in a Catholic school, it seemed I should probably read the whole thing. … Continue reading Mother Education: Read All The Things

Rein in the Chaos: Toys

The topic of organizing our kids' million and one toys seems to come up constantly in my Instagram mom chats, so I thought I'd take today to share a few thoughts on the subject.  First, you should know that I am a very "type A" person, and this can be a struggle as a mom. … Continue reading Rein in the Chaos: Toys

Everything is Washable

The more independent my preschooler becomes, the more I actively try to step out of his way and let him spread his wings.  He has a naturally cautious temperament and is not one to dive into new situations.  This summer, he has been growing bolder, and I am trying to encourage him as much as … Continue reading Everything is Washable

Montessori: Flow

I'm no kind of perfect Montessori mom.  In fact, I do horrifying things like make my babies sleep in a crib and let them play with toys that are plastic.  I know, right? But I do think Montessori has some rich insights that are helpful to any parents, whether you are full-on into her method … Continue reading Montessori: Flow

The Beginning

I am a mom of two very young boys, as well as a mathematics teacher at a small Catholic elementary school.  While I have always enjoyed teaching other people's children, my true love is working with my own kids and watching them grow.  It is rare for families to home school when both parents work … Continue reading The Beginning