Thanks to a big crop of Mackintoshes from my parents’ house, we are up to our ears in apples at the moment.  Just another great opportunity to get my three-year-old busy in the kitchen!  Last week, he picked apples and made applesauce with my mom, so this weekend, I let him be the expert and show me how.  He’s a pro at running that apple peeler, and we made quick work of about three dozen apples.  Most I sliced and froze for future smoothies, but we also cooked a handful down into some homemade applesauce, a favorite around our house.

My son also smashed his first batch of potatoes this week, harvested a few more strawberries off his of strawberry plant, and earlier this month, he showed his eighteen-month-old brother how to make hummus.

Next I think I’m going to have him make some butternut squash purée for a scrumptious fall soup.  What are your kids up to in the kitchen this week?

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