There’s always a lot of discussion amongst educators and parents about scaffolding — giving kids just exactly the right amount of challenge to allow them to stretch without overwhelming or frustrating them.  It’s a pretty difficult balance to strike, and for parents with quickly-growing youngsters, a constantly moving target.

However, all your worries about this disappear if you follow the child.  I let my kids attempt whatever they are interested in trying, whether they’re ready for it or not.  My three-year-old can bust out any puzzle that strikes his fancy.  My eighteen month old can water the house plants if he wants to.  Maybe they’ll be successful.  Maybe we’ll get a puddle on the floor.  O well.  If you control everything your kid does to try to avoid them getting frustrated, they’ll never learn to deal with frustration, which is a pretty normal part of real life!

Let your kids make mistakes.  They’ll be fine.

And if they make a mess, they can learn how to clean it up, too!


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