We experimented with homemade finger paint this week using this simple recipe from Tinker Lab.  Most of the recipes I came across used water and sugar.  We don’t usually have white sugar in the house, so I tried this one that uses flour instead.  It was very easy to make and the kids enjoyed mixing in the food coloring once it cooled down.  We made a double batch because finger paint just seemed like the kind of thing we’d need lots of.  We were able to make about a half cup each of six different colors.

The kids enjoyed this a lot at the start when all of the colors were separate and bright.  As they worked, everything mixed together and they ended up with a lot of grayish sludge.  My preschooler was especially turned off by that and became quickly disinterested.  Once he left the table, my toddler was out, too.

Here are the cute pictures from early on 🙂

In all, it was about twenty minutes of prep for ten minutes of play, so not high on my re-do list.  It was fun while it lasted though.

Have you had any failed experiments lately?

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