My three-year-old loves to help out in the kitchen.  He’s now at a point where if I get out my mini-chopper, he runs over and asks me what we’re making.  This is an appliance that terrified him just a few short months ago, and now he pretty much considers it his chopper.

One of our favorite recipes to whip up is this simple hummus from Inspired Taste.  We mostly follow the directions except that we don’t add any water — we substitute extra lemon juice instead.  It’s a huge hit at our house.  The kids love it because it’s delicious; Daddy and I love it because it makes them eat raw carrots like they’re going out of style.

If you’ve never tried hummus on your kids, now’s the time to start.  It’s healthier than ranch dressing and makes those veggies disappear!


The Cuisinart mini food processor is an absolute necessity in our kitchen.  Click the image below for a link.  You won’t regret it!

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