We have been talking about boiling, melting, freezing, and states of matter with our preschooler, so we tried this simple color-mixing activity.

First, we made blue, red, and yellow ice cubes.  We needed five of each color for this activity, and we made them simply by putting one drop of food coloring in each section of our ice cube tray.  I did the drops, but my three-year-old filled the ice cube tray and stirred in the colors.  We put those in the freezer overnight.

In the morning, we started by determining what combinations we wanted to try.  He came up with all the combinations himself and made predictions about what color they would make.

Then he practiced his tong skills to put the ice cubes in jars, and we checked them every fifteen minutes as they melted.  Finally, we recorded our observations and put the jars in spectrum order.


How do you have your kids record their hypotheses and their observations for science experiments?

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