Good. Maybe when he grows up, he’ll have a job instead of sitting in your basement eating bonbons and playing Xbox.

Keep up the good work!!


In all seriousness, I have taught for twelve years and had countless conversations with parents about how their kids are doing socially. Far too often, they are concerned about whether their child is fitting in. I have actually had parents ask me if their kid is “cool” or is friends with the cool kids. I’ve had other, much more worried parents, ask me if their kid is “weird.”

I also have seen over and over how “cool” kids belittle and dismiss those whom they consider unworthy of their friendship, how they get their social steam at the expense of others.

Instead of worrying so much about “socializing” our kids, let’s focus on raising them to be people of integrity and strong character who are compassionate, brave, and self-possessed.

By the way, your nerdy kid is going to love the Tuttle Twins.  Click the image below to check them out now!

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