More handwriting practice today!  My three-year-old has really been into the Reading 1A trial course from the Ron Paul Curriculum.  He has only watched the first three videos, but he’s watched each of them several times over the past five days and is asking for them, as well as Math 1A.  He is still not doing any of the handwriting practice with pencil and paper, but since he was more interested in writing with chalk, we did some practice with that last night.  I started by writing a letter and had him use a small sponge to erase it, which is a little more novel while still practicing making the shape.  Gripping the sponge is also more similar to a pencil than a big ol’ piece of sidewalk chalk.  He LOVED this activity and repeated it several times before he then wanted to draw his own shapes for me and little brother to erase with the sponge.  We took turns and both boys were very engaged.

Eventually, I left them with the chalkboard and went in the kitchen to invent dinner.  Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot of the result: double time out for getting into a wrestling match that mainly involved drawing on each other’s backs with sidewalk chalk.


It’s cool.  #everythingiswashable

This sidewalk chalk set of 64 colors is just $10 on Amazon.  Click photo for link!

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