Something about three seems to making my older son grow at light speed.  Since he hit his birthday in December, it’s been non-stop new skills and ever-increasing independence.  This week alone, he graduated from a mattress on the floor to a real twin bed (and he’s only rolled out of it once), he’s begging to wear underwear instead of a pull-up at night, and he got a two-wheeler bike.  He’s riding the zoo carousel by himself.  He’s calling his grandparents and actually carrying on phone conversations.  He started saying “forgot” instead of “gotfor,” which was one of my favorite little kidisms of his.  He even made me toast for breakfast on Mother’s Day.


He is growing so fast!  When he was a baby, I thought I would miss those days when he got older, but with every new season I keep finding that these days are no less precious than the tiny baby days.  The bigger he gets, the more fun we have together.  I don’t feel sad when I think about how little he used to be — I’m too overwhelmed by how proud I am of him and how excited I am to see what he’s going to do next.

Pre-schoolers are awesome!

What are your little ones up to today?

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