As preparation for our trip to Olympic National Park this summer, we took our littles hiking.  For the past few months, we have been letting our older son, who is three, take photos around the house with our camera.  This was the first time we entrusted him with the camera outdoors, so I wanted to share a few of his shots with you.  He kept calling this little wood we were hiking through the “jungle,” and it does indeed look pretty wild from his vantage point.


He noticed many details along the way, including this butterfly wing.  He did not want to pick it up but took this photo instead.  I like how he’s naturally upholding the “Take only photos; leave only footprints” rule.


We hiked to a cave, and our little photographer was very drawn to the texture of the cave walls and this spot in particular where the water and rock came together.  He took a lot of pictures here and then sat watching the water for quite a while.

What are your kids noticing today?

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