In March, I wrote about how my three-year-old son has started taking photos around the house.  This has become a regular part of our routine, so I wanted to share some more shots he has taken.  Seeing our everyday life from his vantage point has really helped me to appreciate that he is his own person seeing and experiencing life in his own unique way.  He notices so many things that I take for granted, and his perspective is often surprising to me.


He takes a lot of photos of our tile floor.  He finds all of the lines really interesting, even more so under the table where chair legs and shadows also come into play.


We also get a lot of pictures of favorite toys.  He doesn’t ever pose them — just captures them wherever they happen to be.


We had an unexpected snowy day in April this year.  From this window, we could see the daffodils in the back of the yard, which were already blooming.  Kiddo was so enamored with this scene that he took about seventy pictures.

One of the sweetest pictures he’s taken: his new baby cousin on my shoulder.  He stood up on a chair so that he could get a good view of her face and told me to stand really still!  Just precious!

I had never considered photography as a medium very accessible to children before, but I stand corrected.  My son truly enjoys taking pictures, more so than he does drawing or coloring at this point, so it seems a very apt way to let him capture what he finds interesting and important in the world.

I guess the next question is how expensive of a camera is too expensive to let a three-year-old use?  Thoughts? 🙂

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