To say that I enjoy watching birds is a bit of an understatement. Essentially, if you are driving, don’t ask me to navigate because chances are good that I’m going to miss our turn if an interesting bird flies overhead. I also find practically every bird interesting.

I come by this honestly. My grandfather was many things by trade but a pure artist by heart, and I grew up surrounded by his carvings and paintings. He loved birds especially and would even borrow specimens from the Audubon Society to make sure he got the colors and forms as lifelike as possible. I learned the names of many birds from his artwork before I ever encountered them in real life.  His workshop exuded a kind of sacred magic to me.  The tufted titmouse shown above is one of his.

In recent years, one of my springtime rituals has been keeping an eye on the Jackson, Michigan Falcon Cam. This is the eighth year that this nesting pair of Peregrine falcons have called this particular spot home. The fastest and widest ranging creature on Earth, the Peregrine falcon is certainly worthy of a little of your homeschool nature study time this spring! Enjoy!


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