I’m no kind of perfect Montessori mom.  In fact, I do horrifying things like make my babies sleep in a crib and let them play with toys that are plastic.  I know, right?

But I do think Montessori has some rich insights that are helpful to any parents, whether you are full-on into her method or just a shameless dabbler like me.

One of those insights is the importance of “flow,” that state of absorption children enter when they are fully engaged in an activity that provides them with both enjoyment and challenge.  Montessori stressed that children should be not interrupted or distracted during these times, even (perhaps especially) by praise from well-meaning adults.  We have to step back and let our children learn.

Here are images of both of my kids, playing with plastic, but totally in a state of flow.


That’s what I’m working on lately.  How about you?


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