Whenever I’m working on geometry with my students, I try to keep the focus as real-world as possible.  So much of math operates in the abstract; geometry, by contrast, is thoroughly tangible.  This is a time when we can easily and naturally give ideas to the hand before we give them to the mind.  Take advantage of that by using real objects and concrete examples in your geometry study.

There are limitless examples of geometry in the natural world, but I also like to draw students’ attention to the beautiful geometric design in American architecture, particularly in the work of Louis Sullivan and the late 19th century Chicago School architects.  The photos below were taken at City Museum in St. Louis and are of details from the Chicago Stock Exchange.  Here, visitors can get an up-close view of the detail and artistry that goes into these amazing designs.

Challenge your kids to find examples of geometric design around them.  Where do we encounter geometry every day?

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