Montessori: Beauty

Since making the decision to home school my children, currently ages one and three, I have been researching various methods of home schooling.  Over the next few weeks, I’d like to share with you some of the benefits I’ve seen in each of those methods.  If you are considering home schooling, this may help you decide where to start.  If you are already home schooling, this may provide you with some ideas to enhance what’s working well for you or re-work something that’s been a struggle.  To see all posts in this series, please click the tag “home schooling methods.”

Maria Montessori believed that the items that surround children in a classroom should be of the highest quality and aesthetically pleasing to create an atmosphere that encourages children to engage and explore.  This focus on beauty is evident in all of the materials used in Montessori’s method.  Adults and children alike are drawn by the appeal of the bright colors and natural materials that are hallmarks of these classic learning toys, and no one is left to wonder why Montessori learning stations are often referred to as “invitations” to learn.

Below are examples of a few of my favorite Montessori materials.


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