Disclaimer: This post is not strictly about home schooling.  However, the culture of our home (and yours) is a central component of home schooling.

We have just entered the season of Lent.  The Armenian church observes several liturgical changes during Lent, including keeping the curtains closed across the main altar and using a shortened, simplified version of the Badarak (Divine Liturgy).  In explaining these changes to the children in the congregation, our priest used a beautiful analogy: Lent is like spring cleaning.  We go through the “house” of our life, and we sweep it clean of those things that have become burdensome, things that distract us, things that waste our time.  We do this to make way for good, new things to grow — more time with our family, healthier habits, greater devotion to God.

Most people make their New Years resolutions in January, but I tend to make mine during the springtime when the newly warm weather inspires me to go through the house and make everything fresher, neater, and more efficient.  This year, along with a few projects around the house, my resolutions include keeping on top of our gardens more effectively (last year did not go so well) and establishing a routine for our summer break to help the boys and I be more productive.

What are you hoping to clean out this spring?  What are you hoping to grow in its place?

Happy sweeping!

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