Are your kids driving you crazy in the house?  Good.  The weather’s finally nice enough to throw them outside.

It’s 70 degrees here in The Middle, my daffodils are blooming, and my three-year-old is in seventh heaven working in the garden.

Even very young kids can do many useful and productive tasks in the garden.  Last year as a two-year-old, our son helped to pull weeds, harvest vegetables, sweep the deck and patio, and water the garden and potted plants with both a watering can and the hose.  He also went to the nursery with me to help choose plants.

This year, I have some more goals for him, including:

  • Perform all the tasks he did last year but more independently
  • Make some decisions about what plants he would like to grow
  • Help plant vegetables and flowers using a spade
  • Be fully responsible for our strawberry bed — weeding, watering, and harvesting
  • Spend some time outside working in the garden every day, provided it isn’t pouring down rain.

A goal for myself: Get him some gardening gloves that fit!


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