Whenever my friends let their young kids take pictures with their phones, all they get are seven thousand selfies and a low memory warning. My three-year-old was feeling a bit under the weather last weekend at my parents, and in my attempt to distract him from not feeling well, I may have stumbled on a solution to this. I let him take pictures with our actual camera.

It’s just a little point-and-shoot, so it’s small enough for him to handle, and the novelty of using the “real” camera was enticing! What’s more: it’s virtually impossible to take a selfie with it, so instead he took pictures all around my parents’ house and yard and, yes, several of his own shoes.

Seeing his perspective has been really moving. He took some beautiful shots of little details around the house, including a mobile my grandfather made, which he has adored since he was a baby, and he got some sweet portraits of his cousins. I love seeing the things he notices, as well as the way his cousins smile at him.

He had so much fun with it, he’s been taking pictures at home every day since. I think when we go to Olympic this summer, we’ll have to make sure he’s got his own camera for the trip!

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