Just one more thing your kids are pretty unlikely to get in school: cooking class. That means it’s up to you to teach them at home.

Fortunately, most kids love food. My three-year-old is all too eager to help out in the kitchen. About six months ago, I got tired of having him under foot and decided to put him to some useful work.

Skills he now has:

  • Operating our rice cooker. I still help with the measuring, but he does the rest and it gives us a chance to talk fractions and proportions.
  • Cutting cheese. We have a plastic-bladed cheese knife, a real adult kitchen tool with which it is virtually impossible to injure someone. Perfect practice for little hands.
  • Whisking/stirring anything (with minimal splashing).
  • Spreading peanut butter on bread, graham crackers, apples, etc. Yes, we eat peanut butter on everything.
  • All the mixing, scooping, and pouring involved in making cupcakes, which were his big project for his birthday party. He was also in charge of the sprinkles.
  • And his favorite: topping pizzas. He only eats the cheese and pepperoni, but he’ll put anything on there.

Next up, making hummus in the mini-chopper. We may also get into some chocolate chip cookies with the stand mixer some day soon.

What are your kids up to in the kitchen?

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