The only thing better than the face people make when you say you’re libertarian is the face they make when you say you are Armenian Apostolic.  The Eastern churches are the third party of Christianity.

Whatever your positions — political or religious — children benefit from seeing their parents involved in something bigger than themselves.  Being part of a broader community teaches our children how to cooperate and have compassion for the needs of others.  Giving our time, talents, and treasure shows them the importance of service and selflessness.

In addition to the rich heritage our boys have in the Armenian faith, they learn a valuable lesson by being part of what William Saroyan called “this small tribe of unimportant people, whose wars have all been fought and lost.”  They learn that it is okay to hold the minority opinion.  We want our boys to be brave enough and strong enough to go forward on the road less traveled with courage, confidence, and joy.

Also, they get to eat lots of pilaf.


In what ways do you make opportunities for your children to serve others and find their place in a larger community?

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