Our family piano, a recent acquisition, has become a symbol of the culture we are building in our home.

Neither my husband nor I really know how to play it.  He took lessons for a few years as a kid, and I tinkered a bit on the piano at my grandparents’ house growing  up.  However, we have often mused about how cool it would be to really play the piano well and how we’d like the kids to learn.  When an opportunity to own a piano came up last month, we jumped on it, thinking how great it would be for the kids to grow up playing the piano.

Then it suddenly seemed really lazy to expect the kids to learn something neither of us knew.

So we busted out the ol’ John W. Schaum books and started practicing.

Where do you struggle that you would like your kids to do well?  Start building on that today.

When we keep after something, even when it is hard for us, we teach our kids to dig in their heels and work through challenges — an important skill for success both in academics and in life.


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